RTR Bakery Masthead with Julien Pietravalle

Master Baker Julien

RTR Bakery Julien Pietravalle Masthead

Master Baker Julien’s passion for bread is obvious once you bite into one of his artisan creations. With a resume that would intimidate most, Master Baker Julien’s down-to- earth approach to baking has allowed him to create the best tasting bread in the South of France and now Southern California.

Formally schooled at the top baking University in France, Institut National de la Boulangerie Patisserie; he graduated with a coveted “Master Baking” degree and was soon hired by the University to serve on a board that assisted local french bakeries with technical or operational assistance. After a successful stent at the University helping hundreds of bakeries perfect their baking processes, Maitre (Master) Julien set his sights on starting his own bakery in the South of France. His passion for baking and warm disposition has resulted in several successful bakeries. Now, Maitre Julien has set his sights on offering his exceptional product to the Southern California market.